We need a new webserver!

April 24 2018

The new Worldmapper website was launched in April 2018 during the 125th Anniversary Conference of the Geographical Association in Sheffield (UK) where we presented a totally redesigned online platform and the first 125 new maps. Since then we have doubled the content on this new website, and keep adding new maps on a regular basis.

The new website is proving more popular than ever before. Unfortunately this has led to repeated server outages in recent days since the fresh new design and functionalities have considerably increased demands on the webserver that is hosting the Worldmapper homepage. With a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign we want to raise the necessary funds that pay towards the running costs of an upgraded server that we would like to switch to to allow more reliability of Worldmapper while it keeps growing and maintain the archive as well. Please help us!In recent years we have put a lot of spare time effort as well as personal funds into the website, so that we hope that you are happy to show some appreciation by donating a small amount towards upgrading to a more powerful webserver that will help us solve some of the issues that we have encountered recently, and will allow up to keep Worldmapper up and running.

We are hosting the website with HostEurope who has been a reliable partner of the Worldmapper platform for many years. An upgraded server costing up to 720 GBP a year would be an ideal solution for us to make Worldmapper capable of growing more and also keeping the map archive alive that still gets millions of hits a year. Your donation could help us covering setup fees as well as financing the server for over a year.

Your help and support – as small or large as it may be – would really make a difference in allowing us to keep Worldmapper going as an educational resource for everyone to enjoy.

Find us on GoFundMe

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