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Organic Wildculture 2015

There is currently a twenty-first century “backflow” of the “organic” concept, from its agricultural heritage to wildculture including all aspects and styles of hunting and gathering food harvesting. (Paull, 2008)
“The world map of organic wildculture hectares accounts for 34,092,862 ha reported from 73 countries. The wildculture harvest includes wild berries, wild mushrooms, wild medicinal plants, wild fruits, wild nuts, wild vegetables, palm sugar, honey and seaweed. Finland (9,000,000 organic wildculture ha), accounts for 26.4% of the global total wildculture hectares.
Africa is well represented in the organic wildculture map (Fig.3) and is led by Zambia (6,133,424), Namibia (2,400,000 ha), and Morocco (817,690 ha). India dominates the Asian continent accounting for 5,180,000 organic wildculture hectares. In South America Brazil leads with 1,209,773 ha of organic wildculture. North America and Oceania are skeletally represented and offer great potential for the future uptake and reportage of organic wildculture.” (modified quote from Paull & Hennig, 2016)


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Technical Notes

This map shows countries proportional according to the total organic wildculture hectares there in 2015.

Data sources
This map uses data published by the Paull & Hennig (2016) in the Atlas of Organics: Four maps of the world of organic agriculture based on and modified from the works by Willer & Lernoud (2015) (last accessed June 2019).

Further notes on the data, as well as all modifications to the original data source are noted in our data sheets.

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