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Organic Agriculture Increase 2005 to 2015

“The organic agriculture movement has stood as a bastion against the encroachment of synthetic chemicals and technologies into the food supply, and against its industrialisation. That ‘bastion’ can be viewed, as a vestigial agriculture accounting for less than one percent of global agriculture (reported as 0.98% by Willer & Lernoud, 2015) and/or alternatively, as the world’s fastest growing food sector and the world’s fastest growing agriculture-based industry.” (modified from Paull & Hennig, 2016)


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Technical Notes

This map shows countries proportional according to the increase in organic agriculture hectares there between 2005 and 2015.

Data sources
This map uses data published by the Paull & Hennig (2016) in the Atlas of Organics: Four maps of the world of organic agriculture based on and modified from the works by Willer & Lernoud (2015) as well as data published by Paull & Hennig (2011) in A world map of organic agriculture based on data by Willer & Kilcher (2011) (last accessed June 2019).

Further notes on the data, as well as all modifications to the original data source are noted in our data sheets.

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