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Epidemics Deaths 2001-2017

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The Cholera epidemic in Haiti in 2010/2011 (following a massive earthquake) killed with almost 7000 reported deaths the highest number of people in a single outbreak, followed by the Ebola outbreak in Liberia in 2014. The overall highest number of deaths are reported in Burkina Faso.

Overall most of the deaths were caused by Cholera outbreaks, a bacterial infection, that benefits from bad sanitation facilities.

Most of the reported epidemics happened in countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, The Democratic Republic of Congo is leading that list, followed by Nigeria, Niger, Uganda and Sudan. More than 67.000 out of the total 86.000 victims of epidemics were from Africa. The only non African country among the Top 10 is India, where the epidemics are mostly Japanese Encephalitis and Cholera.


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Technical Notes

This map shows the proportion of all people killed in by epidemics between 2001 and 2017, that died there.

Data sources
This map uses data by EM-DAT: The Emergency Events Database – (last accessed March 2018). We aim to map as complete data as possible and therefore estimate data for missing values. In some cases, missing data for very small territories is not used in the cartogram and that area is therefore omitted in the map.

Further notes on the data, as well as all modifications to the original data source are noted in our data sheets. Data for this map will soon be available as a download.

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