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UK EU Referendum 2016

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“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” This was the question that was put to the electorate in the United Kingdom in an advisory referendum on June, 23rd 2016.
17,410,742 people of the United Kingdom’s 65 million population voted for leaving the the European Union. These are about 26.8% of the UK’s resident population, or 37.4% of the electorate in this EU referendum. It also equals 51.9% of the valid votes cast, as stated in the official figures from the electoral commission. 16,141,241 people (48.1%) voted for remaining a member of the EU, at a turnout of 72.2% of the electorate of 46,500,001. Apart from people not at voting age, EU residents living in the UK were not allowed to vote as other foreign nationals. Irish citizen living in the UK were given a vote in this referendum, as was the UK population in Gibraltar. This map is a cartogram that shows 327 of the 328 electoral areas (Gibraltar is not shown in this map) from this referendum resized according to their total number of people entitled to vote. In addition, the vote share for leaving and remaining is shown in differently shaded densities in the right-hand map. A conventional map showing the leave/remain areas is included for reference.


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Technical Notes

Each transformed grid cell in the map is proportional to the total number of people living in that area.

Data sources
This map uses data from the UK Electoral Commission (accessed March 2019).

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