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Population Increase 2015-2050

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In 2050 the world population is estimated to have reached 9.8 billion. India will then be the largest country by population (1.7 billion), followed by China (1.4 billion). The USA will no longer be the third-largest country in the world. This position will then be taken by Nigeria, with a population of 411 million.

In 2100 the world population is estimated to have reached 11.2 billion. By the end of the century, the African continent’s share of the global population will have risen to 49 per cent by the end of the century, increased from 16 per cent in 2018. At the same time, the global population is expected to have almost flatlined by then, meaning that the year 2100 could be the year of peak population after which the world’s population is expected to decline.


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Technical Notes

This map shows the predicted population growth between 2015 and 2050. 

Data sources
This map uses data from the United World Population Prospects, 2017 Revision (last accessed March 2018). All estimates are based on the ‘medium variant‘ (the middle of a range of estimated populations) projections.

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