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Worldmapper Visit Times April-September 2018

This map is a cartogram where the original shapes of each territory mapped is proportional to the total amount of time that visitors spent on our website worldmapper.org in the first six months after its relaunch in April 2018. The total amount of time that people spent on Worldmapper added up to 544,675 minutes (9078 hours), which does not include those visitors who also spent time on the Worldmapper archive. The longest time spent on Worldmapper during an average visit was spent by visitors from Belize, who looked at our maps for almost 14 minutes during each visit. For privacy reasons some users choose not to be captured by webcounters. These users are therefore also not included in this map.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - ShareAlike 4.0 International License. For any commercial use (including in publishing) a map use license needs to be obtained.

Technical Notes

This map shows the total length of time that visitors from each country spent on Worldmapper.org in the six months between April and September 2018.

Data sources
This map uses data by Worldmapper (last accessed October 2018).

Further notes on the data, as well as all modifications to the original data source are noted in our data sheets. Data for this map will soon be available as a download.

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