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January 1 2021

The new Worldmapper website was launched in April 2018 during the 125th Anniversary Conference of the Geographical Association in Sheffield (UK) where we presented a fully redesigned online platform and the first 125 new maps. Since then Worldmapper has been growing constantly: Within less than two years we crossed the 1000 maps mark in early 2020 and keep adding content and work on new projects with our many supporters and partners, such as in our recent collaboration for the Bodleian Libraries’ Talking Maps exhibition. Wherever we can we try to help making sense of current topics, such as recently our regularly updated coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic which cost us many evenings of work on processing and updating the latest data and turning it into our unique visualisations.

The new website is proving more popular than ever before. Shortly after the relaunch we switched to a new web server in order to cope with the increased usage. As we are doing most of the work in our spare time and receive no external funding, we have to rely on commercial users being willing to support us through licensing or commissioning maps. This makes it sometimes difficult to fund only our running costs of an own server and equipment, not even mentioning our work and effort that we spend on Worldmapper all in our free time while having other jobs for a living.

Therefore we need your help, too. If you like our work and want to show your appreciation, please consider a donation that will help us to keep Worldmapper running and expanding.

Your support – as small or large as it may be – would really make a difference in helping us to keep Worldmapper going as an educational resource for everyone to enjoy.

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